"Care for your brand and candidate experience"

Much appreciation for the feedback and closing the loop on the application process. It says a lot about your care for your brand and candidate experience which is not common these days.


"Constant Communication"

"I wanted to let you know that the recruitment process that you put together was wonderful from the perspective of a candidate. I appreciated the constant communication and the materials you produced about the position were excellent. I especially appreciated the timeline being set early so I could pencil those days in. You were great to work with and I will be recommending your firm if I am in a position to do so.”


"Refreshing Compared to Most"

"Your frequent updates on status and the process were so refreshing compared to most hiring processes!”


"A Human Touch"

"In this busy world of recruiting, it was a welcome change to be kept in touch with constant updates. The human touch was refreshing and is very much appreciated.”  


"An Excellent Fit"

It’s all about the fit.  Peckham & McKenney was an excellent fit for our needs with this recruitment.  You did an outstanding job listening to the Department staff, the Management Team, and me when developing the candidate profile and recruitment materials.  The opportunity was strategically promoted to potential applicants, and your screening brought us a group of well-qualified candidates.  Your communication was timely with me and the candidates throughout the process, and you kept the recruitment on schedule.  Most importantly, you managed this recruitment with honesty and integrity.  It was a pleasure working with you on this employment opportunity.

Paul McCreary, General Manager, Hayward Area Recreation and Park District

"Professionalism Throughout the Process"

"I appreciate you and your team’s professionalism throughout this process. In a world of unreturned phone calls, you were a refreshing change. Your personalization of the process was warm and professional. When I land on my feet I would be glad to utilize your firm for my future searches."



"While receiving input from fellow recruiters has been helpful, yours was exceptionally so, being specific and honest; not something that always comes my way."


“No Better Recruiter”

“The Mountain View City Council recently contracted Bobbi to manage the selection and hiring of one of our “direct reports", the City Clerk. As a council member who has worked in both public and private sectors, I can think of no better recruiter. Bobbi delivered every time that council met with her -- with an excellent range of candidates, provided detailed analyses on each finalist and offered key questions so that our diverse council could make a logical and reasoned choice. We are very satisfied with our new City Clerk. I highly recommend Bobbi for your city or county or agency recruiting needs.”

Laura Macias, Council Member, City of Mountain View, CA

“Thorough and Professional”

“Thank you so much Phil for the results you delivered during our recent three recruitments for three key management positions for the City. I am very pleased with the outcome and the manner in which you conducted the recruitments, worked with our staff and City Council, your assistance during the interviews and background check as well were thorough and professional. You've helped me in particular put together a great team. Thank you very much and I hope I don't need your services in the near future, but if we do, we'll be sure to give you a call. Please allow us to be a great reference for you anytime.”

Nancy Kerry, City Manager, City of South Lake Tahoe

“Very Positive Results”

The Exeter City Council had very positive results with Peckham & McKenney! They were extremely professional and helped us all along the way. Bobbi Peckham was always available to answer any of our questions. She sought out great candidates and was very sensitive to our internal candidates that were also applying for the position. I had never had to hire a new City Administrator, and with Peckham & McKenney, it went very smoothly.

Ted Macaulay, Mayor, City of Exeter, CA

“Sensitive To Our Needs”

“Thank you so much for the excellent work you did in recruiting Greg Scoles.  You were sensitive to our needs and found, interviewed, and framed the candidates in a way that gave us confidence that we were moving in the right direction throughout the process.”

Christine Wozniak, Mayor, City of Belmont, CA

“Continued Success”

“I cannot say enough positive things about Peckham & McKenney. That opinion is shared by our 5 Commissioners, HR Manager, and me. This is the second time we have contracted with them and will continue to do so.” 

 Jan Friedland, Former County Administrator, Teton County, WY

“Great Results, Personable”

“The City of Hayward has utilized Bobbi's services for executive recruitment on several occasions over the past three years or so. She quickly became an expert on Hayward's culture and what type of leaders we needed here. Most recently her firm assisted us in hiring an Economic Development Manager with outstanding results for us. I would be happy to discuss our experience with her firm and highly recommend their services to any agency looking to fill critical executive leadership positions.” 

Gregory T. Jones, Former City Manager, City of Hayward, CA

“Personal Touch Approach”

“Phil went above and beyond with his personal touch approach by answering questions and providing encouragement throughout the complete application and interviewing process. Being treated with a high level of respect and professionalism was appreciated during a time that can be somewhat stressful to applicants.”      

Donna Langland, Human Resources Director, City of Brookings, SD

“Great Team”

“The process you conducted was thorough, fair and timely. You are a great team!” 

Tricia Jakubiak, Treasurer, Orange County Fire Authority, CA

“Timely and Complete”

“Because of their ongoing communication, Jefferson County always knew where we were in the process.”    

 Patrick Thompson, County Administrator, Jefferson County, Golden, CO

“Focus On Detail”

“As Chair of the General Manager Recruitment Committee for the North Tahoe Public Utility District, I would like to recommend the services of Peckham & McKenney.

Our previous General Manager had been on the job for the past 30 years. Needless to say, we had little recent experience in the hiring for this position. Bobbi and Phil were very helpful in regards to overcoming this, from helping to craft the initial job description and recruitment collateral, to the staging of the finalist interviews. Personal attention starting with one-on-one Board member interviews marked their focus on details that were specific to the needs of our organization. This approach, their conscientious attitude in keeping us informed, and attentiveness to our timeline resulted in a successful recruitment, on time and within budget.” 

John Bergmann, General Manager/Recruitment Committee Chair, North Tahoe Public Utility District, CA

“Never Feel Lost”

“You'll never feel lost in the shuffle.”

 John Power, Human Resources Director, Town of Vail, CO

“Tailored to our Needs”

“Thank you for the successful outreach services provided to us in our search, recruitment and selection of the Police Captain position. We were very pleased with the number and quality of the candidates submitted to us by Peckham & McKenney's outreach efforts. Due to our small HR staff, we needed assistance in the recruiting outreach efforts. You fulfilled our needs A++. The pre-meeting with HR and the City Manager was very helpful to define our individual duties and roles and the follow through from you was immediate, with total quality and tailored to our recruiting needs. The phone conference to brief us on the candidates was an exceptional added value and provided us with pertinent information about the candidates. It is with enthusiasm that I would recommend your services to other agencies. I hope to call on you again to assist us with our future recruitment needs.”

J. Logan, Human Resources Manager, City of Los Altos, CA

“Personal and Dignified Approach”

“I have dealt with many executive search consultants over the years and can honestly say that you are the best I have ever encountered. You provide a much more personal and dignified approach to the process by relying on your interpersonal expertise to judge candidates on their character rather than treating them like a commodity … You are a first class professional!” 

 Bob Game, Former Executive Director, Niagara Falls Water Board, NY

“Dignity and Respect”

“I truly appreciate your customer service focus for both the City as well as candidates such as myself. You treated me as a human being and with dignity and respect.”                            

Ray Weitz, Candidate

“Your personal touch has been appreciated”

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the updates that you have provided regarding the filling of this position.  In this day of electronic submissions, it has been very nice to receive confirmation that there is a “live person” out there. Your personal touch has been appreciated.”


“It's refreshing to be communicated with like a real person”

“Thank you for letting me know the outcome of your process.  It is not typical these days to receive such notices, so it is much appreciated. Your messages aren't anything at all like those from other search firms.  It's refreshing to be communicated with like a real person and makes me feel a bit better about the process - that you're real people too!  Thank you for your consideration and for keeping me informed through the process.  I'm sure (your client) is in good hands, and I'll keep on top of your job postings.”