Recent Placements

Peckham & McKenney, Inc. is very proud to announce the recent placement of:

John Mauro, City Manager, City of Port Townsend, WA

Sara Lillevand, City Administrator, City of Piedmont, CA

Krishan Chopra, City Attorney, City of Mountain View, CA

Kay Simonson, Planning Director, San Miguel County, CO 

Julio Garcia, Human Resources Director, Metro, Portland, OR 

Scott Lanphier, Public Works Director, City of Livermore, CA

Terrence Grindall, Assistant City Manager, City of Brentwood, CA 

Maria Elena DeGuevara, Human Resources Director, Santa Barbara County, CA 

Kathy Gerla, City Attorney, City of Bellevue, WA

Kimberlee McArthur, Building Official, City of Beaverton, OR 

Jane Christenson, Assistant County Executive Officer, Placer County, CA 

Patricia Anderson Wieck, Human Resources Director, City of Beaverton, OR