Deputy Chief Operating Officer - Metro, Portland, Oregon

The nation’s first directly elected regional government, Metro’s staff and elected leaders bring people together to shape the future of greater Portland and provide parks, venues, services, and tools that work best at a regional scale.  That includes land use and transportation planning, garbage and recycling systems, parks and natural areas, and regional venues such as the Oregon Zoo, Oregon Convention Center, Portland Expo Center, and Portland’5 Centers for the Arts.  Metro has 879 FTEs and a 2017/18 budget of $429 million.  The Deputy Chief Operating Officer (DCOO) will serve as a critical partner to Metro’s COO, Martha Bennett; and will have a passion for people, an eye for strategy, and a desire to work for an organization that helps Metro’s community thrive.  A leader of leaders, the DCOO will oversee skilled professionals in the areas of communications, finance & regulatory services, information services, human resources, and the research center.  A Bachelor’s degree in public or business administration or a related field is required as well as at least 10 years of executive leadership experience.  Annual salary range is $151,347 - $219,469, and appointment is DOQE. 

Filing deadline is March 16, 2018.
Resumes are acknowledged within 2 business days.

Call Bobbi Peckham toll-free at (866) 912-1919 for more information.

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