Recent Placements

Peckham & McKenney, Inc. is very proud to announce the recent placement of:

Michael Ciaravino,
City Manager, City of Mill Creek, WA

Joe Ambrosini, Director of Human Resources - Cosumnes Community Services District, CA

Chris Bothwell, Finance Director, City of Bothell, WA

Vicrim Chima, Planning Manager - Yuba City, CA

Nikki Salas, City Manager - City of Barstow, CA

Kate Sampson, Human Resources Director - Placer County, CA

Lisa Jenkins, Human Resources Director, City of Manhattan Beach, CA

Jack Holden, Building Official, City of San Clemente, CA

Adam Raymond, City Manager, City of Glendora, CA

Glenn Ferdman, Library Director, City of Beaverton, OR

Bret Black, Fire Chief, City of Piedmont, CA

Jennifer Ott, Deputy City Manager, City of Hayward, CA

Gabriel Perez, City Planner, City of San Clemente

Jeanie Ashe, Economic Development Manager, City of Bothell, WA

Andrew Scott, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Metro, Portland, OR

Ana Ruiz, General Manager, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, CA

Jack Bajorek, City Attorney, City of Brighton, CO

Misty Higby, Police Chief, Town of Severance, CO

Michael Guerrero, General Manager, San Bernardino Water Department, CA

Michael Callagy, County Manager, San Mateo County, CA

Donna Mooney, City Attorney, City of Pittsburg, CA

Kari Svanstrom, Planning Director, City of Sebastopol, CA

Rachael Fuller, City Manager, City of Hood River,  OR

Jim Wheeler, Recreation, Arts and Community Services Director, Hayward Area Recreation & Park District, Hayward, CA

Shannon Chaffin, Aleshire & Wynder, City Attorney, City of Yuba City, CA

Jane Christenson, Assistant County Executive Officer, Placer County, Auburn, CA

Kaye Simonson, San Miguel County Planning Director - San Miguel County, CO

Chris Anaradian, Assistant City Manager - Glendale, AZ

Keith Riesberg, Town Manager - Town of Winter Park, CO

Sean Hawkins, Executive Director - Loveland Downtown Partnership and Downtown Development Authority

Bentley Henderson, Assistant County Manager - Summit County, CO

Robert (Bob) Lawton, City Manager - Turlock, CA

Brian Johnson, Police Chief - City of El Centro, CA

Moses Garcia, City Attorney - City of Loveland, CO

Shane Hale, City Manager - City of Windsor, CO

William Tarbox, Public Works Director - City of Benicia, CA

Cynthia Battenberg, Town Manager - Town of Moraga, CA

Kathy Garcia, Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Hayward, CA

Natalie Chan and Charles Eder, City Engineers - City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 

Octavio Silva and Amy Seeraty, City Planners - City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Sergio Gonzalez, City Manger - City of Azusa, CA

Lisa Natusch, City Clerk - City of Mountain View, CA 

Tabatha Miller, City Manager - City of Fort Bragg, CA

David Williams, Planning Administrator - City of Glendale, AZ 

Matthew Cassel, City Engineer - Salt Lake City, UT 

Josh Chadwick, Fire Chief - City of Benicia, CA

Michael Katterman, Community Development Director - City of Bothell, WA

Anette Spickard, City Manager - City of McCall, ID

Todd Leopold, County Executive Officer - County of Placer County, CA

Victoria "Torie" Brazitis, Assistant City Manager - City of Bothell, WA

Matthew Pruitt, Human Resources Director - City of Bothell, WA

Stephanie DeWolfe, City Manager - City of South Pasadena, CA

Kevin Woodhouse, City Manager - City of Pacifica, CA

Bruce Kroon, Fire Chief - City of Bothell, WA

Elias Sassoon, Public Works Director - City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Mia Brown, General Counsel - South San Joaquin Irrigation District, CA

Jonathan Borrego, Development Services Director - City of  Oceanside, CA

Amy Northam, Executive Director - Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund, CA

Keene Simonds, Executive Officer - San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission, CA

Ryan Mahoney, Town Manager - Town of Basalt, CO

Pamela Aguilar, City Clerk - City of Redwood City, CA

Dan Buckshi, City Manager - City of Walnut Creek, CA

Carlos Palacios, County Administrative Officer - Santa Cruz County, CA

Jeff Loux, Town Manager - Town of Truckee, CA

Doug Dunford, City Manager - City of Gustine, CA

Matt Sturgeon, City Manager - City of Centennial, CO

Steve McCulley, Police Chief - Town of Atherton, CA

Sukari Beshears, Human Resources Director - City of Brentwood, CA

Lisa Lopez, Human Resources Director - City of Emeryville, CA

Kathleen Salguero Trepa, Assistant City Manager - City of Concord, CA

Rick Robinson, Fire Chief - City of Oceanside, CA

Brian Loventhal, City Manager - City of Campbell, CA

Maria Hurtado, Assistant City Manager - City of Hayward, CA

Cathy Capriola, City Manager - City of Sonoma, CA

Nancy Newton, Assistant County Executive - County of Sacramento, CA

Steve Akre, Fire Chief - Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority, CA

Sarah Thompson, Human Resources Manager - Town of Silverthorne, CO

Todd Billeci, Chief Probation Officer - Contra Costa County, CA

Ken MacNab, Community Development Director - Town of Windsor, CA

Brad Misner, Director of Planning and Neighborhood Services - City of Milpitas, CA

Gary Welling, Assistant Director of Water and Sewer - City of Santa Clara, CA

Laura Kennedy, Director of Finance and Administrative Services - Town of Silverthorne, CO

John Minor, Chief of Police - Town of Silverthorne, CO

Eric Sergienko, County Health Officer - Mariposa County, CA