Recent Placements

Peckham & McKenney, Inc. is very proud to announce the recent placement of:

Kaye Simonson, new San Miguel County Planning Director - San Miguel County, CO

Chris Anaradian, new Assistant City Manager - Glendale, AZ

Keith Riesberg, new Town Manager - Town of Winter Park, CO

Sean Hawkins, new Executive Director - Loveland Downtown Partnership and Downtown Development Authority

Bentley Henderson, new Assistant County Manager - Summit County, CO

Robert (Bob) Lawton, new City Manager - Turlock, CA

Brian Johnson, new Police Chief - City of El Centro, CA

Moses Garcia, new City Attorney - City of Loveland, CO

Shane Hale, new City Manager - City of Windsor, CO

William Tarbox, new Public Works Director - City of Benicia, CA

Cynthia Battenberg, new Town Manager - Town of Moraga,CA

Kathy Garcia, new Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Hayward, CA

Natalie Chan and Charles Eder, new City Engineers - City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 

Octavio Silva and Amy Seeraty, new City Planners - City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Sergio Gonzalez, new City Manger - City of Azusa, CA

Lisa Natusch, new City Clerk - City of Mountain View, CA 

Bruce Kroon, new Fire Chief, City of Bothell, WA

Tabatha Miller, new City Manager - City of Fort Bragg, CA

David Williams, new Planning Administrator - City of Glendale, AZ 

Matthew Cassel, new City Engineer - Salt Lake City, UT 

Josh Chadwick, new Fire Chief - City of Benicia, CA

Michael Katterman, new Community Development Director - City of Bothell, WA

Anette Spickard, new City Manager - City of McCall, ID

Todd Leopold, new County Executive Officer - County of Placer County, CA

Victoria "Torie" Brazitis, new Assistant City Manager - City of Bothell, WA

Matthew Pruitt, new Human Resources Director - City of Bothell, WA

Stephanie DeWolfe, City Manager - City of South Pasadena, CA

Kevin Woodhouse, City Manager - City of Pacifica, CA

Bruce Kroon, Fire Chief - City of Bothell, WA

Elias Sassoon, Public Works Director - City of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Mia Brown, General Counsel - South San Joaquin Irrigation District, CA

Jonathan Borrego, Development Services Director - City of  Oceanside, CA

Amy Northam, Executive Director - Redwood Empire Municipal Insurance Fund, CA

Keene Simonds, Executive Officer - San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission, CA

Ryan Mahoney, Town Manager - Town of Basalt, CO

Pamela Aguilar, City Clerk - City of Redwood City, CA

Dan Buckshi, City Manager - City of Walnut Creek, CA

Carlos Palacios, County Administrative Officer - Santa Cruz County, CA

Bob Hall, Association Manager - Rancho Santa Fe Association, CA

Jeff Loux, Town Manager - Town of Truckee, CA

Doug Dunford, City Manager - City of Gustine, CA

Matt Sturgeon, City Manager - City of Centennial, CO

Steve McCulley, Police Chief - Town of Atherton, CA

Sukari Beshears, Human Resources Director - City of Brentwood, CA

Lisa Lopez, Human Resources Director - City of Emeryville, CA

Kathleen Salguero Trepa, Assistant City Manager - City of Concord, CA

Rick Robinson, Fire Chief - City of Oceanside, CA

Brian Loventhal, City Manager - City of Campbell, CA

Maria Hurtado, Assistant City Manager - City of Hayward, CA

Cathy Capriola, City Manager - City of Sonoma, CA

Brent Dennis, Director of Community Services - City of Anaheim, CA

Nancy Newton, Assistant County Executive - County of Sacramento, CA

Steve Akre, Fire Chief - Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority, CA

Sarah Thompson, Human Resources Manager - Town of Silverthorne, CO

Todd Billeci, Chief Probation Officer - Contra Costa County, CA

Ken MacNab, Community Development Director - Town of Windsor, CA

Brad Misner, Director of Planning and Neighborhood Services - City of Milpitas, CA

Gary Welling, Assistant Director of Water and Sewer - City of Santa Clara, CA

Laura Kennedy, Director of Finance and Administrative Services - Town of Silverthorne, CO

John Minor, Chief of Police - Town of Silverthorne, CO

Eric Sergienko, County Health Officer - Mariposa County, CA