City Administrator - City of Piedmont, California

Located in the beautiful Oakland Hills overlooking the San Francisco Bay, the community of Piedmont (pop. 11,000) is characterized by a well-educated and sophisticated population. Piedmont is almost entirely HYPERLINK ""zoned for single-family dwelling residential use, and a significant portion of the city is located in canyon areas with urban/wild land intermix. A full-service charter city, Piedmont enjoys a long-tenured staff of 93 FTEs that provides a high level of service to the community, a collaborative and caring executive team, and a stable and sound financial environment with a $27.6 million operating budget. Departments include Administration, Finance, Planning, Public Works, Police, Fire, and Recreation. Appointed by a collegial five-member City Council, the desired City Administrator will quickly gain an appreciation for this unique community, provide quality and consistent leadership to the organization, and will bring strengths in partnership and relationship building as well as exceptional people skills. The new City Administrator will work with the team and Council to explore opportunities for the improvement of public facilities and technological advancements. Experience in capital project management in a local government setting is highly desirable. A Bachelor’s degree in public/business administration or related field is required; a Master’s degree is desirable. Competitive salary DOQE.

Filing deadline is April 17, 2019.
Resumes are acknowledged within 2 business days.