Assistant City Manager - City of Petaluma, California

As Sonoma County’s “Hidden Gem,” Petaluma is located just 40 miles north of San Francisco and has a population of 62,000. Life in Petaluma is the perfect mix of country and city, quirky and conventional. This full-service charter city provides standard services and also has a marina, airport, and transit service. Petaluma’s City Manager, Peggy Flynn, is looking for an Assistant to oversee the administrative operations of the organization and focus on issues relating to finance, budget, and strategic initiatives. Complementing her style, the Assistant City Manager will be a creative and intuitive thinker, a problem solver with the ability to anticipate issues, and a collegial leader. Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree is highly desirable. Current salary range up to $188,210 annually.

Filing deadline is September 16, 2019. Contact Bobbi Peckham.
Resumes are acknowledged within 2 business days.